Petersen 8mm Extra Wide Jackstay Dee Shackle

Jimmy Green exclusive

UK Manufacture

Designed and produced by Petersen Stainless

Jaw width = 25mm

Sewn webbing loops lie comfortably on the shackle pin

£ 19.00 inc VAT

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8mm stainless steel wide D shackles are manufactured specially by Petersen Stainless in the UK for Jimmy Green Marine with a jaw width of 25mm so that sewn webbing loops lie comfortably on the shackle pin.

Extra Wide D shackles allow easier attachment of webbing jackstays and reduce wear on the loop by preventing uneven loading.

Jimmy Green Extra Wide Jackstay D Shackle Facts and Features:

  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • UK Manufacture
  • Jaw width 25mm
  • Internal length 40mm
  • Petersen Break Load 2000kg
  • Designed specifically for 25mm webbing jackstays


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