Holt Stainless Steel Washers

Pre-packed by Holt

Marine Quality

Grade A4 AISI316 stainless steel

Three different washer options:

Standard flat
Penny flat

£ 1.70 inc VAT

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Stainless Steel Washers

Pre-packed AISI316 stainless steel marine grade A4, standard, spring and flat penny washers.

The reference includes the number of fixings included in each pack.

Washer Specifications
DiameterWasher typeReferenceNumber in pack
M5Penny WasherF1742 in pack
M6Penny WasherF1752 in pack
M8Penny WasherF1762 in pack
M10Penny WasherF1772 in pack
M12Penny WasherF1782 in pack
M3Standard Flat WasherF16520 in pack
M4Standard Flat WasherF16620 in pack
M6Standard Flat WasherF16810 in pack
M8Standard Flat WasherF16910 in pack
M10Standard Flat WasherF1706 in pack
M12Standard Flat WasherF1714 in pack
M3Spring WasherF18210 in pack
M4Spring WasherF18310 in pack
M5Spring WasherF18410 in pack
M6Spring WasherF18510 in pack
M8Spring WasherF1868 in pack
M10Spring WasherF1876 in pack
M12Spring WasherF1884 in pack

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