50 metre cut length - Marlow Excel Control

Reduced Rate per metre

Marlow Excel Control, designed and produced specifically for dinghy control lines

Available in 4mm and 5mm diameter

5 different Colours

£ 56.00 inc VAT

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Marlow Excel Control

Available in 4mm and 5mm diameter

Technora Blend heat and abrasion resistant cover delivers grip where and when you need it with good holding power in cleats

Available in 5 UV resistant colours for easy identification of different control line functions:

Blue, Green, Orange, Red and White

Marlow Snakeskin Construction Design with a lightweight polypropylene core facilitates successful endless loop splicing with no discernible increase in rope diameter throughout the splice

Marlow recommend using their Excel Wire Splicing Needle for best results.

Weight per 100m1.02kg1.59kg

MBL = Marlow minimum break load

Marlow Excel Control Datasheet

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