Marlow Excel D12 MAX 78 - 50m Hank Deal

  • High strength to weight ratio for safety and load critical applications.
  • Armour coated for extra abrasion resistance.
  • Lightweight and negligible creep.
  • Can be supplied on a reel by request.

£ 115.50 VAT incl.

£ 165.00


Marlow Excel D12 Max 78 uses Dyneema SK78 for high strength and low stretch

Max is super pre-stretched and heat set, reducing creep and stretch still further while also increasing strength

Marlow armourCoat increases the life of the rope by reducing UV and abrasion fatigue

Dyneema does not absorb water so it floats and remains light weight when sailing.

D12 MAX78 plus factors:

ArmourCoat improves grip
Easily Inspected
Easily repaired
Easily spliced
Excellent abrasion resistance
Floats, zero no water absorption and no water shrinkage
Good chemical resistance
Good UV resistance
Negligible creep
Minimal recoil
Very high strength
Very light weight
Very low elongation

Diameter 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Weight p100m 0.45kg 0.68kg 1.11kg 1.56kg 2.23kg 3.56kg 4.45kg 6.3kg 9kg
MBL 935kg 1400kg 2300kg 2980kg 4250kg 6980kg 8730kg 11700kg 16700kg

MBL = Marlow minimum break load