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Marlow 3mm Excel Pro

Marlow Excel Pro - low stretch twisted polyester core and durable 16plait cover, ideal less expensive option for less serious racers

More Information

Marlow Excel Pro - 3mm

Cover: 16plait 100% Polyester
Core: Twisted long lay 100% Polyester

Available in multiple, bright, UV resistant colours for easy identification of different halyard, sheet or control line functions

3mm: Black, Blue, Red

  • Durable Construction
  • Low Stretch Polyester Core
  • Runs well through blocks and sheaves
  • Grips well in cleats
Diameter 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Weight per 100m 0.6kg 1.07kg 2.15kg 2.68kg
MBL 182kg 339kg 632kg 887kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Polyester
  • Rope Diameter - 3mm
  • Colour - Black
  • Colour - Grey
  • Colour - Red

Marlow D2 Club

Marlow D2 Club Data Sheet

Download (625.41KB)

Marlow Excel Fusion

Marlow Excel Fusion Data Sheet

Download (1.95MB)