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Marlow 6mm Excel Racing

Click on the boxes below to reveal your custom build options - make your choice from the drop-down menus DETAILED CUSTOM BUILD INSTRUCTIONS

N.B. select a splice if you want to attach a fitting - a whipping is otherwise recommended to secure the end of the line

More Information

Marlow Excel Racing is an excellent high load, low stretch, all purpose performance line for Cruising or Racing Sheets, Halyards and Control Lines

Marlow Excel Racing Construction:

Cover: enhanced 16/24plait 100% abrasion and UV resistant Polyester
Core: colour matching, PU Armourcoat impregnated, braided Dyneema SK78

Marlow Excel Racing Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Grips well in the hand and in cleats
  • Good flexibility through small sheaves and blocks
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal stretch
  • High load capacity

Cover can be stripped for cow hitch splice option, taper applications and to reduce weight

6mm Colours - Black, Grey, Red

Weight per 100m 0.58kg 1.24kg 1.84kg 2.41kg
MBL 417kg 855kg 1070kg 1910kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load

Marlow Excel Racing Datasheet

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Polyester/Dyneema
  • Rope Diameter - 6mm
  • Sail Area (Racing) - up to 20 m2
  • Colour - Blue Grey
  • Colour - Red Grey
  • Colour - Lime Grey
  • Colour - Orange Grey
  • Colour - White Grey