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Max Power Propellers
Max Power Propellers

Genuine Max Power manufacture

Electric Tunnel Thruster replacement propellers

Max Power new design = 20% less noise with 5% increased efficiency

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Max Power Replacement Propeller

Max Power Bow Thrusters may eventually require new parts to maintain performance.

The good news is that Max Power new generation propellers are 5% more efficient, with 20% less noise

Max Power Propellers

Match the part numbers to the description:

Reference Code Model Diameter
310219 MAXPOWER PROPELLER R200 200mm
310220 MAXPOWER PROPELLER R300 300mm
310221 MAXPOWER PROPELLER R450 450mm
313810 CT300 300mm
35030 CT25 110mm
35033 CT325 315mm
35040 CT60/80/100/125 & VIP, replacement of old code 35031 185mm
35041 CT35/45, replacement of old code 35030 125mm
35042 CT165/225, replacement of old code 35032 250mm