Maxwell Dual Direction Solenoids

Maxwell Dual Direction Solenoids

Heavy-duty solenoids

Optional, ignition protected solenoids available

Available in 12V or 24V DC for permanent magnet and series wound motors

Installation in a dry area is always recommended

£ 151.00 inc VAT

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Dual Direction Solenoids are used in conjunction with remote Up/Down panel, Auto Anchor™ Rode Counters, roving hand held remote controls and/or footswitches to switch the motor in the required direction.

Part NoPower SupplyMotor TypeModels
P10071512VPermanent MagnetHRC, RC6, RC8-6
P1112124VPermanent MagnetHRC, RC6, RC8-6
P1904512VSeries WoundRC8-8, RC10, RC12
P1904624VSeries WoundRC8-8, RC10, RC12

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