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Maxwell RC12 Vertical Windlass
Maxwell RC12 Vertical Windlass low profile
Maxwell RC12 Vertical Windlass

Models available to suit 10mm and 12mm chain

Gypsy only or gypsy and capstan/drum options

For boats up to 50ft (RC12-10)

For boats up to 55ft (RC12-12)

12v power supply (24V available upon request)

3 Year Warranty


Please enquire about lead times

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The stainless steel Maxwell features:

  • Waveline ropechain gypsy for superior rope grip that can also accomodate a variety of chain pitches.
  • Available in low profile format or with a Max grip rope capstan
  • A unique 'spacer tube' design allows for installation on a wide range of deck depths.
  • Flexible mounting and position combined with a self aligning gearbox provides installation opportunities on nearly all decks.
  • Manual overide and freefall override capability using the 'active ratchet system' operation.
  • Patented stainless steel rope arm design provides exceptional pressure on the anchor warp to keep everything in place.
  • Compatible with 3-strand and anchorplait.
  • Generous hawse pipe throat for reduced snagging.
  • Deck unit can be fully dissassembled in situ with minimal tools.
  • Sealed oil bath and marine grade hard anodised alloy gearbox.
  • Offered in two models
  • Clockwise models as standard, counterclockwise available upon request

The RC12-10 specifications:
Max pull 1134kgs, 10mm chain, 16/20mm rope, Maximum 20 m/min retrieval, 1200W , low profile weight 23kg, with capstan 26kg

The RC12-12 specifications:
Max pull 1590kgs, 12mm chain, 20mm rope, Maximum 15 m/min retrieval, 1200W , low profile 23kg, with capstan 26kg

Dual direction solenoid and emergency crank handle included.
Up/down remote and circuit breaker not included.

Further information is available on the Maxwell RC Windlass specifications page.

This is an extract from the Manufacturer's own Chain Wheel Guide indicating that the Maxwell gypsy will work with both DIN766 (10x28) and ISO 4565 (10x30)

N.B. This is Maxwell information

Maxwell HRC10-10 Chain Wheel Datasheet

  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Size - 12mm
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 55 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 60 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 35 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 40 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 45 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 50 feet
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Vertical
Maxwell Circuit Breakers
Maxwell Wired Windlass Remotes
Maxwell Dual Direction Solenoids
Maxwell Up/Down Panel Switch
Maxwell Heavy Duty Foot Switch
Maxwell Wireless Windlass Remotes P102981
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Sensor Cable Pack - 6.5 metre (21 ft)
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