Maggi oversized link for calibrated chain

Super Strength Anchor to Chain Connector

Supplied by Maggi Catena, chain manufacturers in Italy

Hot dip galvanised body with a titanium pin

Compatible with High Strength Grade 70 chain

£ 75.00 inc VAT

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Maggi AQUA7 oversize link, hot dipped galvanised with Titanium pin.

Specially engineered to make the break load compatible with AQUA7 Grade 70 chain.

View Specification and Test Certificate for the AQUA7 Link in Downloads

Manufactured from HDG High Tensile Steel Ni Cr Mo T8.

HDG pin is a tight punch fit
Manufacturer Break Load: 8mm = 8000kg; 10mm = 12800kg

An anchor, chain and warp combination is only as strong as the weakest link.
If you upgrade to AQUA7, there is little point in fitting a standard shackle or anchor connector.

The Maggi oversized link is as strong as the AQUA7 chain making it essential for preserving the minimum breaking strain of your anchoring system.

The extra internal link width and length provides the opportunity to increase the size of the connecting shackle.

The photo showing the oversize Maggi link with a shackle features an 11mm green pin galvanised certified bow shackle which has a 13mm pin diameter.

AQUA7 Chain Link Certificate

- Maggi Catene AQUA7 oversize Chain Link Certificate

Download (390.73k)

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