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Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link, showing all three sizes
Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link - VU6
Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link - Components
Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link
Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link
Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link

High Strength Force 7 Connector

Manufactured by Chaineries Limousines

End link for Grade 70 anchor chain

Grade 70 compatible rated break load

Hot dip galvanised body and pin

Factory applied blue thread locker compound


More Information

Force 7 Omega shackle-type, end-of-chain, connecting links are manufactured and hot dipped galvanised in France by renowned French chain manufacturer, Chaineries Limousines.

Chaineries Limousines

Omega Links are specially engineered to make the break load compatible with DAMS MF Grade 70 calibrated anchor chain.

Omega Force 7 Shackle Link - Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Hot dip galvanised - no galvanic corrosion between galvanised anchor and chain
  • Shackle type design facilitates articulation
  • Size for size equivalent break load to Grade 70 anchor chain
  • Specially engineered sleek lug profile - reduces the possibility of snagging over the bow rolller
  • Innovative pin-locking shape
  • Blue thread locker compound has been applied at the factory for initial secure tightening

Jimmy Green Advisory:
An anchor, chain and warp combination is only as strong as the weakest link.
Blue thread locking compound has been factory applied.
Medium strength Loc-Tite or similar blue thread locking compound is advisable on the thread as it is not possible to use seizing wire.
More blue thread locker compound can be applied at your discretion for reassembly N.B. NOT high strength thread locker

If you upgrade to DAMS Grade 70 high strength chain, there are stainless steel anchor to chain swivels available that have a comparable break load, but this is the only galvanised shackle-type option which will maintain the minimum breaking strain of your anchoring system.

The ample internal width and length dimensions provide the opportunity to increase the size of the anchor connecting shackle to accomplish the required breaking load.
The alternative is to use two Omega links back to back (crown to crown)

Omega Force 7 Link Dimensions

Omega Force 7 Chain Link Dimensions:
Size M = Pin Ø A = Lug width B = Inside Width D = Crown Ø E = Inside Length S = Jaw Width
6mm 8mm 23mm 28mm 13mm 48.5mm 16mm
8mm 10mm 23mm 28mm 13mm 48mm 16mm
10mm 12mm 28mm 35mm 16mm 60mm 20mm
12mm 16mm 37mm 39mm 20mm 72mm 24mm

N.B. D = Crown Ø = material thickness around the crown

Omega Force 7 Link Specifications:
Size CL Reference MBL
6mm 86698 4033kg
8mm 73842 7170kg
10mm 73843 11200kg
12mm 73844 16130kg

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load

  • Shackle Type - Bow Shackle
  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Finish - Hot Dipped Galvanised