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10 links of Sample Anchor Chain
10 links of Sample Anchor Chain
10 links of Sample Anchor Chain

Test the fit in your gypsy

Offcuts from our stock

Not certifiable


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Jimmy Green recognise the need to check that your intended chain purchase will fit your gypsy.

If you have a windlass gypsy, and an old rusty chain that fits, find the best looking section, measure 10 links and compare your findings with the table below

If you are starting from scratch with no chain that fits, then establishing your gypsy calibration is more difficult, but we can still help.

We can research the windlass and gypsy for you to narrow down the options and send you 10 links to lay in the pockets of the gypsy.

You are looking for

CalibrationDiameterPitch10 links
6mm DIN766 6mm 18.5mm 190-195mm
7mm DIN766 7mm 22mm 228mm
8mm DIN766 8mm 24mm 250-253mm
10mm DIN766 10mm 28mm 295-298mm
10mm ISO 10mm 30mm 313-318mm
12mm ISO 12mm 36mm 375mm
5/16" USA 8.7mm 26.1mm 275mm

Pitch refers to the inside length of each link

The 10 links should be measured from outside edge to outside and the results can differ slightly according to the manufacturer.

N.B. Both DIN766 and ISO allow a small tolerance in the link dimensions.

Gypsys are generally manufactured to cope with a little variation.

It isn't possible to give that variation a specific figure, but 2% should normally be fine.

The classic problem that crops up the most is the 'wrong' 10mm chain for the gypsy.
The difference between DIN77 and ISO is approximately 20mm and this will definitely make the chain 'jump' under load.

Some modern gypsys are cleverly designed to cope with greater variation in pitch.

  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 7mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Size - 12mm
  • Chain Finish - Hot Dipped Galvanised