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LIROS 3 Strand Splicing - Small Eye Splice 18mm
LIROS 3 Strand Splicing - Small Eye Splice - 6mm

The Jimmy Green Professional Finish for LIROS 3 Strand Nylon.

Available for splicing 4mm to 24mm


More Information

3 Strand Rope professional splicing finishes

You can purchase a number of different professional finishes for your 3 Strand construction ropes.

  • Soft loop eye splice
  • Nylon thimble eye splice
  • Galvinised thimble eye splice
  • Stainless steel thimble eye splice
  • Rope to chain splice
  • Soft loop eye splice with leather chafe guard
Diameter Heavy Duty
10mm ED-110110
12mm ED-110112
14mm ED-110114
16mm ED-110116
18mm ED-110118
20mm ED-110120
24mm ED-110124