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The Jimmy Green Professional Finish for LIROS Handy Elastic Dounblebraid Dockline

Available from 12mm to 24mm diameter

Subject to the current splicing lead time SERVICE INFORMATION


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The Jimmy Green Rigging Team Professional Finish for LIROS Handy Elastic Doublebraid Dockline 

You can purchase a number of different professional finishes for your braid on braid construction ropes.

  • Soft loop splice
  • Soft loop splice with leather chafe guard
  • Soft loop with webbing anti-chafe sleeve
  • Nylon thimble eye splice
  • Galvanised thimble eye splice
  • Stainless steel thimble eye splice
  • Heavy duty stainless steel eye splice
  • Backsplice
  • Whipping
  • Heat sealing
  • Heat sealing with heat shrink included