Clearance Spliced LIROS 3 Strand Polypropylene

LIROS 3 Strand Polypropylene spliced for specific orders but ended up being surplus to requirements.

Please read the 'finish' part of the item carefully for the splicing description it may not match the photo shown.
If you are unsure of the description, call us on 01297 20744 and we can help.

£ 20.25 inc VAT

£ 33.75


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Please note that exra stock cannot be made at the same reduced price.

Manufactured from 100% heat set Polypropylene multifilament to DIN83344/EN699.
15% working stretch provides good shock absorption.
low water absorption.
Stays pliable for duration of working life.

Available in:
White - LIROS article 01120

LIROS Break Load:
8mm-1040kg, 10mm-1600kg, 12mm-2200kg, 14mm-3000kg, 16mm-3700kg

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