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Petersen Clevis Pin
Petersen Clevis Pin
Petersen Clevis Pin

Replacement clevis pins to suit turnbuckles and forks

Split pin not included

N.B. Check usable length before ordering


More Information

N.B. Check bearing length L

Petersen clevis pin dimensions

Petersen D Ø P H L Weight Pin/Ring
CP06 5.9mm 2.0mm 8.0mm 15.0mm 4g SP-07/SR1
CP08 7.9mm 2.2mm 9.5mm 18.4mm 10g SP-07/SR2
CP10 9.5mm 2.6mm 11.1mm 22.5mm 16g SP-01
CP11 11.0mm 2.8mm 12.7mm 25.7mm 22g SP-01
CP12 11.9mm 3.0mm 14.3mm 28.9mm 32g SP-02
CP14 13.9mm 3.5mm 16.0mm 35.2mm 50g SP-02
CP16 15.9mm 3.5mm 19.0mm 38.4mm 72g SP-02
CP19 18.8mm 4.2mm 22.2mm 44.8mm 126g SP-03
CP22 22.0mm 4.2mm 25.4mm 51.1mm 190g SP-03
CP25 25.3mm 5.1mm 28.6mm 63.8mm 298g SP-04
CP28 28.0mm 5.1mm 31.7mm 70.2mm 394g SP-04

Ø = diameter
P = hole diameter
L = usable length

NOTE: Petersen Stainless use the following convention throughout their range – the pin size is the smallest diameter hole that our pin will fit into, the hole size is the largest diameter pin that will fit in the hole. For example, if we list a pin as being 12mm then the pin will fit into a 12mm diameter hole and conversely if we list a hole as being 16mm then a 16mm diameter pin will fit in the hole. If in doubt please ask.

  • Pin Length - 63.8 mm
  • Pin Length - 70.2 mm
  • Pin Length - 15 mm
  • Pin Length - 18.4 mm
  • Pin Length - 22.5 mm
  • Pin Length - 25.7 mm
  • Pin Length - 28.9 mm
  • Pin Length - 35.2 mm
  • Pin Length - 38.4 mm
  • Pin Length - 44.8 mm
  • Pin Length - 51.1 mm
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