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Plastimo 406S

Plastimo 406S

For boats between 4 and 6 metres long

Max headsail area 12 square metres

Max forestay diameter 7mm

Available with Single Luff grove, S-series, in stock

or Double luff groove, T-series, 6 weeks lead time


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More Information

The 406 is available with single luff groove (S series) or double luff groove (T Series). The S series is ideal for the cruiser who simply requires the furling facility for easy reefing. The T series is useful for the cruiser racer because the double groove allows for more efficient sail changes. If the drum is bypassed and halyard swivel disregarded, a second sail can be rigged before taking down the existing one.

The 406S comes with 2 furling drum attachment options. The chainplates version is for use without a turnbuckle and features 5 holes. The forestay is pinned with a bolt (supplied) to one of the upper holes on the chainplate. The lower end should be pinned to a toggle (not supplied) for connection to the deck.

The turnbuckle version has 11 holes and is approximately twice the length. This attachment is for use with a rigging screw or to increase the drum height. The extra height keeps the rigging screw available for adjustment.

Plastimo 406 jib reefing construction is lightweight but sturdy featuring all the benefits of a large headsail reefing system : 2 Delrin® twin ball bearing races in both drum and halyard swivel with all plastic components manufactured from polyamide (nylon)

All 406 models have a drum capacity of 7m x 5mm line
The T series has 1 base foil (2.05m) and 2 other foils (each 2.15m)
The S series has 1 base foil (1.5m) and 3 other foils (each 1.5m)

Chainplate version:
Distance from underside of drum to end of chainplate = 65mm
No of holes: 5
Hole Dia: 8.5mm

Turnbuckle version:
Distance from underside of drum to end of chainplate = 150mm
No of holes: 11
Hole Dia: 8.5mm

N.B. Forestay, Furling Line and lead blocks not included.

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