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Quick Circuit Breaker
Quick Circuit Breaker

Quick "Slow Burn" technology

Hydraulic, Magnetic Breaker

from 40 up to 125 AMP

Essential safety component

Protects wiring against short circuits or prolonged overloading


More Information

Quick manufacture their own circuit breakers to guarantee the best quality for their windlasses

Quick hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers offer "slow burn" protection when using direct currents.

If the wiring circuit suffers an overload or a short (fault) in the wiring, they will trip, breaking the circuit.

This is an extremely important feature on electrical wiring circuits involving 12V or 24V DC motors with high wattage power.

Circuit breakers protect the equipment from overload.

Quick Circuit Breakers can be reset manually and are suitable for up to 80 Vdc

The old rule of thumb for deciding the circuit breaker required is to divide the watts by 10 for 12V or by 20 for 24V

Motor manufacturers may make their own recommendations.

The voltage drop due to the length of the wiring cable (the distance from the battery to the motor) is also a factor.

Quick Windlass Circuit Breaker Dimensions

Quick Windlass Circuit Breaker Wiring Diagram

Please note: 80 AMP model has not been discontinued.

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Quick Circuit Breaker

Quick Circuit Breaker Data Sheet

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