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Quick Genius GP2 500 Windlass
Quick Genius GP2 500 Windlass
Quick Genius GP2 500 Windlass - installed on deck
Quick Genius GP2 500 Windlass Measurements

Horizontal axis on deck installation

12V 150W motor

Quick Recommendation: yachts from 6 to 8 metres in length overall

Integrated sensor and magnet for chain counter

Combination gypsy:

12mm 3-strand rope / 6mm or 8mm DIN766 Chain


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Quick Spa Italy is recognised globally for Windlass Design, Manufacturing Quality, and Craftsmanship. The GP2 500 Windlass features a horizontal axis combination rope/chain gypsy with the motor and gearbox housed in a hard-coat anodised aluminium on-deck casing unit with a composite base. 

The Quick Genius GP2 500 is a horizontal axis on-deck windlass with a hard-coat anodised aluminium casing and a white composite base.

The windlass gypsy features an integrated sensor and magnet for a chain counter.

Quick GP2 500 Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Hard-coat anodised aluminium casing
  • Composite white base
  • Combination Rope/Chain Gypsy
  • Gypsy pressure lever
  • IP66 watertight motor
  • Standard gearbox
  • Manual Free-Fall system

Included in the box: 1 x Contactor (Control Box) T6411-12 and a Nylon handle

Not included in the box: Circuit Breaker, Switches and Controls

Quick GP2 500 Specifications:

  • Motor power - 150W
  • Motor supply voltage - 12V
  • Maximum pull - 220kg 
  • Maximum working load - 70kg
  • Working load - 35kg
  • Current absorption @ working load 29A (after an initial period of use)
  • Maximum chain speed 38.9metres per minute (based on 8mm chain) 
  • Maximum chain speed @ working load 28.5 metres per minute (based on 8mm chain)
  • Weight - 6kg

The 6mm and 8mm gypsys are compatible with a 12mm three-strand polyester or nylon rope with a rope/chain splice.

Gypsy Chain Rope
6mm 6mm DIN766 12mm 3-Strand
8mm 8mm DIN766 12mm 3-Strand
  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 25 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 20 feet
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Horizontal

Quick GP2 500 Template

Quick Genius GP2 500 Drilling Template

Download (186.67KB)

Quick GP2 500/1200 Manual

Quick Genius GP2 500/1200 Installation Guide, User Instructions and Manual

Download (6.45MB)