Selden Halyard Lead 508-159

Selden Halyard Lead

Selden Single Halyard Lead - manufactured from chromed bronze

Insulating plate and pop rivets included

£ 25.65 VAT incl.

£ 27.00


Manufactured from low friction chromed bronze, especially beneficial for use with stainless steel wire halyards as it will wear the feeder first and not the wire

U contour design is simple to retro fit

Halyard lead will guide the rope into the sheave box and reduce the possibility of halyard wrap around the foil for a headsail reefing system.

Allow at least 210mm from the masthead and create an angle between the halyard (as it leaves the head of the sail) and the forestay of between 5 and 10 degrees.

Selden Part Max Rope Dia. Max Wire/Rope Dia.
Small 508-159-01 12mm 5/10mm
Large 508-128-01 20mm 8/16mm