Clearance Spliced Marlowbraid

Clearance Spliced Marlowbraid

Clearance Spliced Marlowbraid.
These Marlowbraid Halyards have been custom spliced for specific orders but ended up being surplus to requirements.

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£ 132.05


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Please note that none of these sheets have seen use. 

Marlowbraid can be used for most running rigging applications e.g sheets, halyards, control lines, guys, reef lines, tack lines, vangs, down/outhauls, furling lines, runner tails and preventers

Cover: Durable 16plait polyester
Core: twisted loose lay 3-strand construction that delivers minimum achievable stretch (approximately 4%) without dyneema content 

Marlowbraid Plus Factors:
Twisted 3-strand core delivers slightly less stretch than braid on braid
Excellent abrasion resistance
Good UV stability
Very high load capacity for 100% polyester halyard

Weight p100m2.68kg4.45kg7.3kg10.0kg14.5kg19.0kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load