Clearance Marlowbraid

Clearance Marlowbraid

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The Jimmy Green Rigging Team optimise the use of as many reel ends as they can in servicing our custom build orders, but inevitably there are always some left on the shelf.
These are available at a reduced rate per metre.

Please note that if you are trying to add a pair to your basket, but the website is not responding, it means that there is only one length available.

Marlowbraid is probably the most well known and respected line in the Marlow Ropes range.

Marlow have been producing this 100% polyester braided line for decades, and it has become a firm favourite for cruising yachts worldwide.

Marlowbraid is an excellent, relatively low stretch, hard wearing solution for most running rigging applications
e.g sheets, halyards, control lines, guys, reef lines, tack lines, vangs, down/outhauls, furling lines, runner tails and preventers.

Marlowbraid Specification:
Cover: Durablev16plait polyester
Core: twisted loose lay 3-strand construction that delivers minimum achievable stretch (approximately 4-5%) without dyneema content

Marlowbraid Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Twisted 3-strand core delivers marginally less stretch than braid on braid construction
  • Tendency to flatten under load e.g. around winches, due to the loose laid core
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good UV stability
  • Spliceable
  • Very high load capacity for 100% polyester halyard
  • Available in: white with black, blue or yellow coding; full colour Natural (Classic)
Weight p100m2.68kg4.45kg7.3kg10.0kg14.5kg19.0kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load


Jimmy Green Marlowbraid Running Rigging Size Guide

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team have produced this line diameter chart from Marlow's own recommendations to assist you in specifying your Marlowbraid for a halyard, sheet or control line.
Use a combination of your yacht length and the appropriate sail area to interpret the table and determine the closest match to your requirement.

Marlowbraid Halyards:
Yacht Length Overall6-8 metres9 metres10 metres11 metres12 metres14 metres 16 metres18 metres
Approximate Sail Area in square metres
Marlow Recommended Halyard Line Diameter
Marlowbraid Sheets or Control Lines:
Yacht Length Overall6-8 metres9 metres10 metres11 metres12 metres14 metres16 metres18 metres
Approximate Sail Area in square metres
Marlow Recommended Sheet or Control Line Diameter
Spinnaker Guy8mm8mm10mm10mm12mm14mm16mm18mm

Marlow generally recommend reducing the line diameter by one size if you are considering a halyard with a dyneema core

The Jimmy Green running rigging line diameter chart is derived from the data in the Marlow Definitive Rope Guide: MARLOW LINE DIAMETER SELECTION GUIDE


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