Walder® Boom Brake

Provides control during manouevres

Takes the crash out of gybing

10 year manufacturer warranty

No need for a boom preventer

Colour = Black (very dark grey)

Control line not included

£ 299.00 inc VAT

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N.B.  Boom Brakes take the stresses and strains out of gybing.

Gybing can be a tetchy and potentially hazardous manoeuvre for even the most experienced sailor.
Down-wind sailing should be pleasurable, but the enjoyment can be marred by the necessity to remain constantly vigilant for the possibility of an accidental (Chinese) gybe.

The consequences of a boom crashing from one extreme to the other could be fatal, but the mishap could almost certainly result in some sort of gear damage. 

Walder® eliminates the crash from a crash gybe

The Walder® boom brake controls the horizontal and vertical movement of your boom – it replaces the kicker rope tackle for most rigging plans (not a rigid vang) – it doesn’t stop the boom abruptly, but controls the speed of the boom crossing the boat.
Walder® Boom Brakes achieves the dampening effect using the frictional force produced as the line slides and tightens around the drum.

Once the Walder® boom brake is rigged and the control line is led aft, the required tension can be applied without leaving the safety of your cockpit.

Walder have developed the original 1976 design into an evolutionary range of models to fit sailing yachts with mainsails up to 1180 Square feet (approximately 100 metres²).

Walder® Boom Brake Plus Factors:

  • Eliminates the need for a preventer
  • Stabilizes the boom during furling or reefing
  • Secures the boom position at rest
  • Depressurises downwind sailing with the boom eased right out

Walder® Broom Brake Features:

  • Hard-coated Anodized Marine Aluminium
  • Aluminium arm-guides or stainless steel double arm-guides
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty

Walder® Broom Brake Criteria:

N.B. Walder stipulate that the control line must be low stretch or pre-stretched

Control Line is not included in the box

Walder ModelLOADisplacementMainsail AreaControl Line ØArm-GuidesAttachment
1036-9 metres< 3.5 tons< 220 feet²8mmAluminiumFixed Hoop
2039-12 metres4-8 tons< 450 feet²8mmAluminiumFixed Hoop
203C9-12 metres4-8 tons< 450 feet²8mmStainless, doubleFixed Hoop
40312-16 metres8-10 tons< 700 feet²14mmAluminiumFixed Hoop
403H Hauturier12-16 metres10-14 tons< 860 feet²14mmStainless, doubleSwivel Head
Hyper> 16 metres15-30 tons< 1180 feet²20mmStainless, doubleSwivel Head

To convert square feet to square metres: divide by 10.764
e.g. 1180 feet² = approximately 110 metres²