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Holt Stainless Steel Washers
stainless steel standard flat washer

Pre-packed by Holt

Marine Quality

Grade A4 AISI316 stainless steel

Three different washer options:

Standard flat
Penny flat


More Information

Stainless Steel Washers

Pre-packed AISI316 stainless steel marine grade A4, standard, spring and flat penny washers.

The reference includes the number of fixings included in each pack.

Washer Specifications
DiameterWasher typeReferenceNumber in pack
M5 Penny Washer F174 2 in pack
M6 Penny Washer F175 2 in pack
M8 Penny Washer F176 2 in pack
M10 Penny Washer F177 2 in pack
M12 Penny Washer F178 2 in pack
M3 Standard Flat Washer F165 20 in pack
M4 Standard Flat Washer F166 20 in pack
M6 Standard Flat Washer F168 10 in pack
M8 Standard Flat Washer F169 10 in pack
M10 Standard Flat Washer F170 6 in pack
M12 Standard Flat Washer F171 4 in pack
M3 Spring Washer F182 10 in pack
M4 Spring Washer F183 10 in pack
M5 Spring Washer F184 10 in pack
M6 Spring Washer F185 10 in pack
M8 Spring Washer F186 8 in pack
M10 Spring Washer F187 6 in pack
M12 Spring Washer F188 4 in pack
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