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Seago Sea Cruiser PLUS Offshore Liferaft ISO 9650-2

Seago Sea Cruiser PLUS Offshore Liferaft ISO 9650-2
Boarding Ramp on the Seago Sea Cruiser PLUS Offshore Liferaft.
Valise - Seago Sea Cruiser Offshore Liferaft in Bag

Sea Cruiser PLUS Offshore ISO 9650-1 Type 2

Fixed Seago Service Costs

Seago Discount Service Scheme e.g. £50 off your first service

18 year Seago warranty

Limited stock remaining of 6 Man Liferafts

4 man and 8 man Liferafts are not available until early September


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The NEW Sea Cruiser PLUS ISO 9650-1 Type 2 complies with the latest ISO 2022 standard.

Building on of success of the Seago Sea Cruiser Liferaft the PLUS version now has added new features including:

  • Boarding ramp installed in place of the weighted ladder
  • Twin rubber chambers which are independent of each other - If one chamber is punctured the other chamber will still float even with the full capacity of people on board.

5 good reasons to choose a Seago Liferaft:

  1. ISO Approval -All Seago Liferafts are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9650 regulations - the all encompassing standard for leisure yachts which covers ISAF and RORC requirements. Seago Sea Cruiser = ISO 9650-1 Type 2, Seago Sea Master = ISO 9650-1 Type 1
  2. 18 year warranty - All Seago liferafts now come with an 18 year extended manufacturer warranty - subject to registering the raft and adhering to the Seago servicing schedule.
  3. Fixed Price Servicing - Seago have fixed their service prices so that you know your obligations in advance.
  4. Discount Servicing Scheme - Seago also offer a discount scheme on your first 3 services = at 3, 6 and 9 years
  5. Parachute Flares - Seago liferafts contain 2 red parachute flares as standard where most other rafts only contain hand held flares

Seago Yachting Sea Cruiser PLUS ISO 9650-1 Type 2 liferaft - manufactured to the latest 2022 exacting ISO 9650 standard, but still extremely good value with the most competitive service costs in the marine industry:
Seago Servicing

Seago Scrappage and Disposal Scheme for old liferafts


  • Colour: High visibility yellow canopy and ballast pockets with black lower tubes
  • Sizes: 4, 6 and 8 person (10 person option is available)
  • Materials: super robust large Butyl rubber inflatable tubes. 100% Water proof tough RipStop Nylon canopy
  • Thermo insulated floor
  • Retro reflective tape: fitted with high visibility SOLAS approved retro reflective tape on canopy and underside of raft floor
  • Ballast Pockets: 4 x 55 Litre lead weighted quick filling water ballast pockets for maximum stability
  • Lights: Automatic high visibility SOLAS flashing external light to enable quick recovery. Internal light
  • Boarding Ladder 
  • Storage Options: Packed in robust fibreglass container or durable valise bag

Areas of Use: coastal, offshore sailing and fishing

Service and Warranty: 3 Year service interval, 18 year extended manufacturer warranty, subject to registration and adherence to the servicing schedule.

Size and Weight
  Tube Dia. Valise Container
4 man 2 x 210mm 30kg 35kg
6 man 2 x 230mm 35kg 40kg
8 man 2 x 260mm 37kg 43kg
Packed Dimensions
  Valise Container
4 man L600 x W280 x H400 L680 x W430 x H260
6 man L700 x W270 x H400 L750 x W490 x H280
8 man L700 x W290 x H400 L750 x W510 x H320

Emergency Pack contents:

  • 1 x Bailer
  • 1 x Drogue (sea anchor)
  • 1 x Floating knife
  • 1 x Hand pump
  • 1 x Life saving signal card
  • 1 x Pair of oars
  • 1 x Repair kit
  • 1 x Rescue quoit with 30m of line
  • 1 x Signal mirror
  • 1 x Waterproof torch & batteries
  • 1 x Wet notes
  • 1 x Whistle
  • 2 x Parachute rockets
  • 2 x Sponges
  • 3 x Red hand flares
  • 6 x Anti sea sickness tablets (MHRA Approved WDA license number: 43548)
SeaGo Premium Liferaft Cradle
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Hammar Hydrostatic Release
Seago Liferaft 24 Hour Pack

SeaGo Sea Cruiser

SeaGo Sea Cruiser PLUS Offshore Liferaft Owners Operating Handbook

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