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Seasure 25mm Plain Bearing Blocks
Seasure 00-05

Manufactured in the UK, these classic Sea-Sure 25mm blocks are made from high quality 316 stainless steel.

Their plain bearing and tough arnite sheave is ideal for use on small dinghies.


More Information

The "00" range offers an unparalleled range of control line configuration opportunities. Their classic design has stood the test of time.

Many blocks from this range can still be found on many many Olympic class masts - because they simply work and are virtually indestructable!

The high strength to weight ratio and simple construction gives years of trouble free service.

You will often find them in use after more than 30 years!

They feature hollow rivets for lightness and tough plastic sheaves that provide a good bearing surface allowing easy rotation under a range of load conditions.

The robust electro-polished 316 stainless steel construction also gives a high chafe resistance should any feed or take-off misalignment occur.

ItemSheave DiaBreak loadMax linePart No
Single Fixed Eye 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-05
Single Fixed with Narrow Straps 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-03
Single Block with Rivet Pin 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-09
Single Block with Removable Pin 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-07
Single Block with Removable Shackle 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-08
Single Swivel Block 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-29
Single Block with Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-11
Single Block with V-Jammer & Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-13
Double Block 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-21
Double Block with Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-23
Double Block with V-Jammer and Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-25
Triple Block 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-31
Triple Block with Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-33
Triple Block with V-Jammer and Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-35
Single Block with Tang 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-15
Single Block with Base Plate 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-19
Single Stand-up Block 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-01
Single Stand-up Block with Becket 25mm 500kg 8mm 00-02
  • Block Size - 25 mm
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