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Selden 60mm Ratchet Block 406-350-01

Selden 60mm Ratchet Block 406-350-01

2nd generation ratchet block

Improved grip

Greater contact area with sheet.

Manual switch for turning ratchet on.


More Information

The Selden R60 ratchet block is the second iteration of the successful  MRB60mm manual ratchet.

The 60mm sheave provides a high contact area for the sheet and therefore increased grip when the sheet is under load.

The ratchet is engaged manually with a switch.

This provides for a free running block when the ratchet is off whilst also reducing resistance against sheeting in whilst the ratchet is on.

Item Break Load Max Line Shackle Weight Part No
Ratchet 800kg 10mm 5mm 192g 406 301 01R
  • Block Size - 60 mm