Selden Roller Bearing Block 60mm RBB60

RBB60 The Selden roller bearing block RBB60 features Torlon rollers for ultra smooth action.

£ 177.30 VAT incl.

£ 197.00


Selden is a solid, reliable brand whose RBB60 block comes at a fraction of the price of other leading brands. 

The Width (mm) of 406-201-03R is 14mm.

The Selden RBB60:

Designed for high load, dynamic use
Machined, black anodised aluminium cheeks with Torlon roller bearings
PA washer insulates stainless steel to prevent corrosion
Shackle complete with 6/8mm body and 8/10mm pin making it strong & lightweight
Hollow & chamfered swivel pin means reduced weight
Acetal ball bearing stabilises side loaded sheave.

Item Safe load Break load Shackle Part No
Single 1500kg 3000kg 06/08/17 406-201-01R
Single Becket 1500kg 3000kg 06/08/17 406-201-02R
Single Backstay 1500kg 3000kg 8mm shaft 406-201-03R
Double Swivel 1500kg 3000kg 06/08/17 406-201-05R
Cheek 1500kg 3000kg 3 x M6 406-201-10R
Winch feeder 1500kg 3000kg 1 x Countersunk M10 406-201-08R
Flip flop 1350kg 2700kg 4 x M6 406-201-09R