Selden Roller Bearing Block 80mm RBB80


The Selden roller bearing block RBB80 includes Torlon rollers for ultra smooth action.

£ 504.00 inc VAT

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Selden is a solid, reliable brand whose RBB80 block comes at a fraction of the price of other leading brands.

The Width (mm) of 408-201-03R is 14.5mm.

The Selden RBB80:

  • Designed for high load, dynamic use
  • Machined, black anodised aluminium cheeks with Torlon roller bearings
  • PA washer insulates stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Shackle complete with 6/8mm body and 8/10mm pin making it strong & lightweight
  • Hollow & chamfered swivel pin means reduced weight
  • Acetal ball bearing stabilises side loaded sheave.
ItemSafe loadBreak loadShacklePart No
Single Becket2500kg5000kg08/10/17408-201-02R
Single Backstay2500kg5000kg10mm shaft408-201-03R
Double Swivel2500kg5000kg08/10/17408-201-05R
Cheek2500kg5000kg3 x M6408-201-07R

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