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Selden Low Friction Snap Shackle
Selden Low Friction Snap Shackle
Selden Low Friction Snap Shackle

Mirror Polished Finish

High Load Duplex Grade Stainless Steel

Extra rounded bearing surface for reduced friction

Excellent Snatch Block Alternative

4 sizes


More Information

Selden have developed a snapshackle combining the benefits of a low friction ring with the advantages of quick and simple ergonomic snap on and off fastening, making life easier for your crew and improving the efficiency of your running rigging.

Selden Low Friction Snapshackles are specially designed with a big, well rounded loop allowing a rope to slide through with very little friction.

This Selden solution is lighter, easier to operate and a less expensive alternative to a snatch block.

Barber haulers for spinnakers and headsails are good examples of ideal applications but they can also be used to tension e.g. a Seldén CX with a 2:1 advantage.

The extra tension provided by the purchase not only improves performance, but also makes it easier to connect a straight luff furler to the bowsprit from the foredeck.

Item SWL MBL Combine with Part No
Low Friction Snapshackle 50 700kg 1400kg PBB 50, BBB 60 single/fiddle, CX10, GX7,5, GX10 307-435-01R
Low Friction Snapshackle 60 1500kg 2600kg PBB 60, PBB 70, BBB 60 double/triple, RBB 60, CX15, GX15 307-436-01R
Low Friction Snapshackle 80 2500kg 5000kg PBB 80, RBB 80, CX25, GX25 307-437-01R
Low Friction Snapshackle 100 4500kg 9000kg PBB 100, CX45 307-438-01R

Selden Low Friction Snap

Selden Low Friction Snapshackle Information

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