Signal Code Flag Set in polyester bunting

Complete set of 40 polyester bunting code flags and numeral pennants supplied in a white polyester wallet
12" x 8"" (30cm x 20cm) or courtesy size 1/2 yard (45cm x 30cm)

£ 104.00 VAT incl.

£ 130.00


A complete set of 40 polyester bunting code flags and numeral pennants supplied in a white polyester wallet

Flags are either 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8") or courtesy size 45cm x 30cm (1/2 yard, 18'' x 12'')

All sizes are nominal i.e. Pennants and numerals are in keeping with the flag sizes

All Jimmy Green Code Flags are screen printed in a modern factory in Europe on top quality UV resistant 100% woven polyester

  • Half yard or 12" x 8" size (traditional diagonal measurement) is nominal and may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process.
  • Sizing on pennants and numerals is different due to the variation in outline shape - dimensions are in keeping with flag size
  • Screen printed on one piece of flag fabric
  • Top quality UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting
  • Colourfast and fade resistant
  • Hoist reinforced with special flag webbing tape
  • Braided line sewn into the integral hoist tape creating a loop at the top and a distance line at the bottom 
  • Finished with twin stitched hems (outside edges)
  • White Polyester wallet with snug pockets denoted with their letter/pennant/numeral
  • Wallet folds inward for tidy stowage

Dressing Ship

On special occasions, yachts often "dress overall," displaying a decorative collection of International Signal Code flags.
Convention suggests that you bend on flags and pennants alternately. There are twice as many letters as numeral pennants, so a possible sequence would be: Two flags, one pennant, two flags, one pennant, and so on e.g. from stem to stern
AB2, UJ1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO Third Substitute, RN First Substitute, ST Zero, CX9, WQ8, ZY Second Substitute.
E, Q, 3, G, 8, Z, 4, W, 6, P, 1, I, Answer Pennant, T, Y ,B, X, 1st Substitute, H, 3rd Substitute, D, F, 2nd Substitute, U, A, O, M, R, 2, J, 0, N, 9, K, 7, V, 5, L, C, S.

To select the size of your signal code flag set for dressing overall, add the individual hoist measurement to the average gap between the flags e.g. 12" x 8" would be an 8 inch hoist + say a 4 inch gap = 12 inches and multiply by 40 = 40 feet length overall.  ½ yard would be 12 inch hoist + say a 6 inch gap = 18 inches and multiply by 40 = 60 feet length overall.
You can minimise the overall length by having a very small gap between each flag.
The maximum length overall is therefore limited by the length of cord sewn into the fly known as the distance line.
Some Signal Code Flag Sets have flags made with a loop at the top and a distance line with a toggle at the bottom. While this requires no knots, the disadvantage is that the overall length is predetermined and may not suit the dimensions of your yacht and rig.

Signalling Codes

A - Diver below (when stationary); I am undergoing a speed trial

B - I am taking on or discharging explosives

C - Yes (affirmative)

D - Keep clear of me, I am manoevering with difficulty

E - I am altering my course to starboard

F - I am disabled, communicate with me

G - I require a pilot

H - I have a pilot on board

I - I am altering my course to port

J - I am going to send a message by semaphore

K - You should stop your vessel instantly

L - You should stop, I have something important to communicate

M - I have a doctor on board

N - No (negative)

O - Man overboard

P - The Blue Peter - all aboard, vessel is about to proceed sea. (At sea) your lights are out or burning badly

Q - My vessel is healthy and I request free practique

R - the way is off my ship. You may feel you way past me

S - My engines are going full speed astern

T - Do not pass ahead of me

U - You are standing into danger

V - I require assistance (not distress)

W - I require medical assistance

X - Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals

Y - I am carrying mail

Z - To be used to address or call shore stations