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LIROS soft shackles
Liros soft shackle white 1 ton
Liros soft shackle red 2 ton
LIROS soft shackles

Excellent replacement for metal shackles

Ergonomic and lightweight

Comfortable to handle

Kind to the deck and the crew

Each colour is a different size

Smallest to largest: White, Carbon, Red, Blue, Yellow

Check the chart below to match the colour to your strength requirements


More Information

LIROS XTR Dyneema Soft Shackles are produced in the LIROS factory from LIROS D Pro Article 01505 100% Dyneema SK78

LIROS Soft shackles are ideal for replacing stainless steel shackles to reduce weight and protect the deck and crew from flogging lines and sails.

LIROS Dyneema Shackles Facts and features:

  • High-strength 12 plait hollowbraid 100% Dyneema® SK78
  • Helpful load rating LIROS identification ribbon
  • 10 x lighter than the equivalent metal shackle
  • Reduces damage to deck
  • Protects the crew from harm
  • Easy and intuitive opening and closing action
  • Self-locking construction under load
  • Easy to undo under load with no tools
  • Multi-purpose rigging accessory - for fastening sheets, halyards and blocks

Available in 5 sizes

LIROS Soft Shackle Specifications
Shackle LIROS article Original Line Ø LBL * Loop Length (closed)
White 00146-0066 4mm 1000kg 65mm
Silver / Carbon 00146-0090 5mm 1500kg 75mm
Red 00146-0069 6mm 2500kg 110mm
Blue 00146-0070 8mm 4000kg 120mm
Yellow 00146-0071 9mm 6000kg 140mm

* LBL = LIROS rated break load
Original Line Ø = this the diameter of the line used to produce the soft shackle
Loop length = the inside length when laid flat (approximately half the circumference of the loop)

These are the LIROS rated break loads for the original line, article 01505 D Pro Dyneema SK78 for reference:

Diameter LBL
4mm 1300kg
5mm 2600kg
6mm 4300kg
8mm 5300kg
10mm 9000kg
12mm 11900kg
  • Rope Fibre - Dyneema