LIROS Soft Shackles

LIROS Soft Shackles, ideal replacement for stainless steel shackles to reduce weight and protect the deck and crew from flogging lines and sails, no tools required

£ 12.00 VAT incl.

£ 15.00


No tools required

10 x lighter than the equivalent metal shackle

Reduces damage to deck

Easy to undo under load with no tools

Available in 5 sizes

Shackle Part Number LBL * Loop Length (closed)
White 00146-0066 1000kg 50mm
Carbon 00146-0090 1500kg 75mm
Red 00146-0069 2500kg 100mm
Blue 00146-0070 4000kg 100mm
Yellow 00146-0071 5500kg 100mm

* LBL = Liros break load