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Marlow Soft Shackles
Marlow Soft Shackles
Marlow Soft Shackles

Marlow in-house product

Produced from D12 Dyneema SK78

Colour: Charcoal black

No rust

No shackle key required

Lightweight and less damaging than metal shackles

Sold in Pairs


More Information

Marlow Soft shackles make a good replacement for metal shackles where the deck (or crew) need protecting from flogging lines and sails.

Marlow Soft shackle Facts and Features:

  • Factory spliced Marlow D12 SK78 dyneema hollowbraid
  • No rust
  • No shackle key or tools required
  • reduce damage to the deck
  • 10 x lighter than the equivalent metal shackle
  • Easy to undo under load with no tools.

These soft shackles are produced in house by Marlow Ropes

Size Marlow Colour MBL Weight Length
4mm WSS210 Charcoal black 2364kg 10g 200mm
5mm WSS211 Charcoal black 2709kg 13g 250mm
6mm WSS212 Charcoal black 4010kg 18g 300mm
7mm WSS213 Charcoal black 6146kg 28g 350mm
9mm WSS214 Charcoal black 7981kg 38g 450mm
11mm WSS215 Charcoal black 13331kg 58g 550mm

MBL = Marlow Break Load
Length = eye to knot (approximate circumference)

  • Rope Fibre - Dyneema
  • Shackle Type - Soft Shackle