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Wichard MXLEvo Soft Block
Wichard MXLEvo Soft Block
Wichard MXLEvo Soft Block
Wichard MXLEvo Soft Block
Wichard MXLEvo Soft Block

Duplex stainless steel / Dyneema® SK78

Reliable, maintenance free, no moving parts

Lightweight, adapatable, robust, compact

High load, comparatively static applications

Simple line insertion

Size 1 = MXLEvo 10mm Line
Size 2 = MXLEvo 12mm Line
Size 3 = MXLEvo 16mm Line


More Information

Wichard have created a universal soft block solution with significant advantages for both cruising and racing yachts.

MLX Evo has been designed for applications where the focus is on high load with a comparatively low degree of adjustment.

e.g. mast foot turning leads, purchase and tackle systems, vang/kicker, barber haulers, mainsail outhaul, control line routing etc.

Soft Blocks can easily be added into any running rigging situation because they can be opened and closed to allow the control line line to be inserted without any need for reeving through the system.

Wichard soft blocks are very effective as substitutes for snatch blocks with only one exception: running rigging applications where the line is constantly fine-tuned under load - released and hauled back in repetitively – and/or requires friction free running e.g. spinnaker racing sheets.

They are ideal for cruising sheets and control lines, especially during extended cruising, where the sail is set for the yacht to follow a slightly more relaxed course for long periods e.g. under the guidance of self-steering.

Wichard Important Advisory
Wichard recommend that you step down one diameter when using a soft block as a snatch block:
Size 1 = MXLEvo 10 - step down to 8mm Line
Size 2 = MXLEvo 12 - step down to 10mm Line
Size 3 = MXLEvo 16 - step down to 14mm Line

MLXEvo Soft Blocks don't require any special skills or technical knowledge because they come ready to use with a spliced dyneema loop.

They are easy to position and simple to set up on any suitable strongpoint, even around awkward profiles, due to the flexibility of the dyneema line which allows excellent articulation and alignment.

Wichard MLX Evo Soft Block Features and Plus Factors:

  • Ready to use, simple to set up
  • No special skills required
  • Secure dyneema loop lock-in housing, even under no load
  • Secure and simple opening and closing for quick and easy line insertion
  • Exceptional performance compared with a standard block – Wichard state that they are twice as robust, half the weight and a third of the size
  • Compact, lightweight, but extremely rugged
  • Reliable and maintenance free because there are no moving parts
  • Excellent adaptability featuring 2 fastening positions: 1. Longer, using the full loop 2. Shorter, with the loop connected back over the specially designed hook and housing
  • Top quality materials – Duplex-grade stainless steel and SK78 Dyneema
  • World renowned Wichard design and manufacture intended to withstand the rigours of Regatta Racing or Ocean Cruising
  • Good value compared with comparable peformance snatch blocks
  • Ideal addition to a yacht’s rigging spares inventory

These pictures show soft blocks in situ - pictures 1, 3 and 5 with loop wrapped back around the housing, pictures 4 and 6 employing the full loop.

Wichard Soft Block Applications
Wichard Soft Blocks in situ

Wichard Size Maximum Rope Dyneema (nominal) Loop Length SWL MBL
WB-21104 Size 1 = MXLEvo 10 10mm 4mm 155mm 800kg 2000kg
WB-21105 Size 2 = MXLEvo 12 12mm 5mm 215mm 1600kg 3800kg
WB-21106 Size 3 = MXLEvo 16 16mm 6mm 255mm 2500kg 5000kg

Wichard Size Height Width Thickness Weight
WB-21104 Size 1 = MXLEvo 10 30mm 40mm 26mm .04kg
WB-21105 Size 2 = MXLEvo 12 40mm 54mm 35mm .09kg
WB-21106 Size 3 = MXLEvo 16 46mm 60mm 41mm .14kg

Wichard MLX Evo

Wichard MLX Evo Soft Block Information

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