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Splicing Guide by Marlow
Marlow Splicing Guide
Splicing Guide by Marlow
Splicing Guide by Marlow - look inside

Splicing instruction for Marlow ropes.

Knot instructions

Glossary of splicing terms and accessories.


More Information

Rope Splicing Guide

A spiral bound splicing guide book with space for your notes.

It provides step by step instructions for the most common Marlow rope splices and a retained strength chart.

Splicing instructions for the following splices

  • 3 Strand Eye Splice
  • D2 Taper
  • D12 Locking Eye Splice
  • D2 Eye Splice
  • Marlowbraid Eye Splice
  • Doublebraid
  • 8 Strand Eye Splice
  • Whipping

The guide includes popular knot instructions

  • Reef knot
  • Bowline
  • Round turn and two hald hitches
  • Diamond knot