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Sta-Lok Turnbuckle Stemball & Blank B50

Sta-Lok Turnbuckle Stemball & Blank B50

Chrome Plated forged bronze turnbuckle

Threaded left hand stemball one end

Check head diameter

Available in sizes 1/4 to 3/4


More Information

The proven design of the Sta-lok turnbuckle exceeds the breaking load of today's modern high strength wire ropes.

Forged from high tensile Bronze alloy, the machined ends are much stronger than welded equivalents.

The aerodynamic design of this turnbuckle provides one of the strongest most elegant bronze bottle screws on the world market today.

Finished in highly polished chromium.

Sta-Lok Open Turnbuckle - Stemball and Blank Specifications
Part No Wire Thread Head Dia Break load
B50-14 3-4 1/4 14.6 1319kg
B50-516 4-5 5/16 18 2118kg
B50-38 5-6 3/8 20.3 3255kg
B50-716 6-7 7/16 22 4388kg
B50-12 7-8 1/2 26 5970kg
B50-58 8-10 5/8 27 9613kg
B50-34 12 3/4 28 14061kg