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Clearance Threaded Forks

Clearance Threaded Forks

Various threads and pin sizes

See table for details

Manufactured using stainless steel 316

Supplied with pin


More Information
Types of fork available, stock quantity varies

TypeBuildThreadHandJaw widthPin Dia
Open Welded M6 Left and Right 9mm 6mm
Closed  Welded M8 Left and Right 11mm 8mm
Open Welded 1/4 Left and Right 9mm 6mm
Open Welded 5/16 Right 11mm 8mm
Open Welded 3/8 Left and Right 11mm 9mm
Open Welded 7/16 Left and Right 11.5mm 11mm
Closed  Machined 7/16 Right 9mm 11mm
Open Welded 1/2 Left and Right 15mm 12.5mm
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