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Jimmy Green Webbing Cam Strap
Jimmy Green Webbing Cam Strap

Alloy Cam Buckle

Simple to tension and release

Robust industrial stitch pattern

Length: 4 metres

25mm Jimmy Green polypropylene webbing


More Information

Jimmy Green Webbing Cam Strap are produced in house from 25mm wide, flexible, floating, polypropylene webbing using an industrial automated profile stitch pattern on our heavy duty modern webbing sewing machine.

The webbing is white with Jimmy Green Marine in green lettering running through it :-)

Quick and simple load restraint:

Pass the free end around all the required parts, through the cam buckle, pull tight and secure with an extra half hitch for good measure.

Webbing Specification:

Material: UV Stabilised Polypropylene

Construction: 2 Ply Thermo fixed warp and weft construction

Width: 25 ± 1 Mm.

Weight: 18,82 ± 7% Gr/M

Thickness: 1,50 ± 0,10 Mm

Manufacturer Break Load: 470 Kg