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Wichard MXEvo Allen Head Pin
Wichard MXEvo Allen Head Pin

New generation of one-piece blocks

Duplex stainless steel

Developed by Wichard


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  • Dedicated to heavy load applications
  • Impressive working and breaking load limits
  • Becket function to make tackles
  • Rope kept on track thanks to the fins
  • Optimised weight and dimensions
  • Easy opening - Easy rope installation
  • Available in three sizes
  • Limited rope wear thanks to speciallly designed track conception
  • For lines 8mm - 14mm diameter

The Allen head pin version is recommended for applications that do not need frequent disassemblies.

The pin is forged in Duplex stainless steel.


  • Mast foot block
  • Running backstay
Part Description Length Width Ø A B ØC Work
Load kg.
Load Kg.
WB-11613 Allen Pin - for max rope size 8 mm 53mm 26mm 6mm 18mm 13mm 7mm 720Kg 1700Kg 0.048Kg
WB-11614 Allen Pin - for max rope size 10 mm 62mm 36mm 8mm 18mm 18mm 9mm 1300Kg 3500Kg 0.100Kg
WB-11615 Allen Pin - for max rope size 14 mm 77mm 44mm 10mm 22mm 22mm 11mm 1760Kg 5000Kg 0.204Kg

Wichard MXEvo Allen Head Pin Diagram

  • Shackle Type - Socket Pin