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Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Stud - UNF
Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Stud - UNF

Stemball with threaded stud

Polished Stainless Steel

Marine Grade AISI 316

UNF Left Hand Thread

Select by Thread Diameter

Stocked at UK supplier, available within 2-3 days


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More Information

Blue Wave Ball Mast Terminal with UNF Left Hand Threaded Stud, also known as a Stem Ball or Elephant's Foot with Stud, manufactured from AISI 316 Stainless, for wire rigging

Bluewave Threaded Ball for Tipcup

Reference Thread G D1 D2 D3 L1 L2 L5 KW R
BT014000-A 1/4” 13mm 6.35mm 2.2mm 80mm 50mm 4.5mm 5mm 5mm
BT516000-A 5/16" 19mm 9mm 2.2mm 92mm 57mm 7mm 7mm 7mm
BT038000-A 3/8" 19mm 9.5mm 2.8mm 101mm 63mm 6mm 7mm 7mm
BT716000-A 7/16" 20mm 11mm 3.5mm 111mm 70mm 6mm 9mm 7mm
BT012000-A 1/2" 20mm 12.7mm 3.5mm 129mm 80mm 6mm 11mm 7mm
BT058000-A 5/8" 25mm 16mm 4.5mm 154mm 100mm 9mm 14mm 10mm
BT034000-A 3/4" 28mm 19mm 4.5mm 178mm 120mm 10mm 17mm 14mm

MBL = Manufacturer BlueWave Break load