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Double Sheave

Solid Ash Cheeks, treated in tung oil and high gloss varnished

AISI 316 polished stainless steel

Bow = Fixed Head

Plain Bearing axle pin

Select by Rope diameter: 8-10mm, 10-12mm, 12-14mm

Sheave Diameter: 8-10mm = 40mm, 10-12mm = 50mm, 12-14mm = 60mm

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Metalmor Classic Ash Yacht Blocks from Meridian Zero

Metalmor Classic Ash Wooden Yacht Blocks combine the best aspects of traditional and modern design and production.

Yacht Ash Blocks from Meridian Zero are manufactured from solid Ash, polished marine grade AISI316 stainless steel, high-strength white ertacetal thermoplastic resin sheaves and stainless steel axle pin.

The Classic Ash Yacht range of blocks is plain-bearing, intended for yachts up to approximately 14 metres in length overall.

The solid wood cheeks are glued and screwed, treated with tung oil and lacquer finished with a high gloss varnish.

The stainless steel axle pin is mounted with a Hex-Head bolt to prevent turning and facilitate removal for maintenance and repair.

Classic Ash Yacht Blocks are Plain Bearing which means:

  • No ball bearings or roller bearings
  • Simple construction with only one moving part, the least possible to construct a serviceable pulley
  • Low maintenance
  • The sheave rotates directly on a simple axle pin
  • Sheave groove designed to handle rope sympathetically 
  • Cost effective - reasonably priced compared with a ball bearing or roller bearing block
  • Excellent for high static loads
  • Excellent all round, multi-purpose functionality
  • Excellent working life – no bearings to be crushed and fall out

Classic Yacht Ash Blocks are available in three sizes for rope diameters: 8-10mm, 10-12mm, and 12-14mm.

Metalmor Tall Ship Traditional Ash Yacht Blocks for yachts over 14 metres in length overall are also available - please enquire