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Heavy duty 2mm gauge

AISI 316 stainless steel

25mm outside diameter at the bottom

Compatible with 25mm inside diameter deck bases

Tapered stanchions offer maximum strength at the base

Three length options (41cm option has only 1 hole)


More Information

Heavy Duty Tapered Guardwire Yacht Stanchion

These heavy-duty stanchions are manufactured with a sturdy 2mm wall thickness tapering to a smooth rounded guardrail eye with a bevelled top.

Where applicable, the central hole is finished with a smooth-edged tube thimble to prevent chafing of the guardrail.

  • Heavy-duty 2mm thickness for maximum bend resistance
  • Sleek modern taper
  • Central hole fitted with pressed tube thimble for smooth entry
  • Fits most stanchion bases to suit 25mm OD tube
  • Fixing hole in-line with guardrail – suitable for drilling to suit existing base
  • 25mm OD tube with 3 lengths available: 41cm, 61cm, and 74cm
  • Material: AISI 316 stainless steel
Tapered Stanchion Specifications
Part Description L
ED-810410 Tapered stanchion 41 - 2.5 0.2
ED-810610 Tapered stanchion 61 30 2.5 0.2
ED-810740 Tapered stanchion 74 30 2.5 0.2

Gate Stanchions

Rectangle Stanchion Base
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Triangular Stanchion Base
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Angled Stanchion Base - Triangular