LIROS Classic Dynamic Plus Halyards

LIROS Classic Dynamic Plus Halyards  

LIROS Dynamic Plus Article 02004 Cruising Dyneema SK78 - the preferred choice for committed cruising/racing when budget restraints don't allow for LIROS Racer Article 02001
Cover: Close Weave 32plait 100% Polyester (8mm 24plait) smooth construction
Core: 12 strand plaited Dyneema® SK78 with additional inner plait construction - LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System 

Regatta Performance, hard wearing, low stretch halyard for competitive cruising sailors - working load stretch <2%

Custom Build Instructions    Running Rigging - LIROS Recommended Line Diameters

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are happy to splice your existing shackles onto new halyards

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