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Barton Genoa Sheeting

Barton was founded in 1948 by Ron Barton in Whitstable, Kent and still operate from their own factory in the town.

Barton produce their Genoa Track, Cars, Sliders and Stops under rigorous in house quality control procedures to ensure their reputation for reliable, trusted yachting hardware carries on without blemish.

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Barton T Track End Caps

Barton Genoa Car with Plunger 22100

Barton 2:1 T Track End Fitting 22221

Barton 2:1 Towable Genoa Car 22220

Barton Towable Genoa Car 22200

Barton Genoa Slide 22301

Barton 32mm T track Sliding Cleat

Barton T Track End Fitting 32220

Barton T Track

Barton T Track

Barton Foot Block

Clearance Barton Foot Blocks

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Barton Foot Blocks with Cam