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Sta-Lok Supajust Turnbuckles

Sta-Lok Supajust Turnbuckles, also known as bottle screws or rigging screws, feature an ingenious, innovative design that pushes them ahead of rival turnbuckles available in the marine industry.

The Sta-Lok Research and Development Team have produced the Supajust turnbuckle body design which is machined from solid marine grade 316 stainless steel with anti-seizing threaded bronze inserts permanently locked and sealed into each end. This Supajust combination concept delivers reliable and accurate adjustment without the risk of seizing or galling. Supajust bronze inserts Supajust Turnbuckles are available with either closed or open body options

Jimmy Green Marine can supply the full range of terminal options on the Supajust Turnbuckle Body e.g.

  • Toggle and Swage Stud - Toggle Fork at one end for articulation (typically for attachment to chainplates) - Swage stud at the other end for professional swaging termination to wire
  • Toggle and Blank - Toggle Fork at one end for articulation (typically for attachment to chainplates) - nothing on the other end


Galling is the technical term for damage caused by friction and adhesion between two moving, metallic surfaces. Galling occurs when the two surfaces slide or move transversely against each other resulting in a microscopic migration of metal.

Galling may occur due to a lack of suitable lubrication between the two surfaces.

When two metals are compressed together with significant force and then moved against one another, the friction and adhesion cause the surface of one to be pulled by the other.

The galling effect is actually a slipping and tearing of the crystal structure beneath the surface of the metal which materialises as a gouge and/or a torn-up lump (ball) of material.

Some of the gall-transfer material will generally be stuck or friction-welded to the adjoining surface.

Galling can occur with similar or dissimilar metals.

Some metals are more prone to galling than others e.g. Aluminium galls very easily.

Alloys such as brass and bronze have excellent resistance to galling making them suitable for e.g. threads, bushes and bearings

British Manufacturer Sta-Lok are a British manufacturer with excellent foundations for consistently delivering top quality marine fittings:

  • Strict quality control procedures - ensure total material conformance and traceability.
  • Premium quality stainless steel and bronze alloy selection process - guarantees reliable tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Pro-active research and development - keeps Sta-Lok at the forefront of design and technology.
  • Versatile machining and production facilities - provides rigging solutions from one off designs to full production runs.

Sta-Lok launched their wire products into the marine market at the London International Boat Show, Earls Court in 1972.

Sta-Lok introduced their new design of Compression Wire Terminal in 1973 with an innovative DIY concept that simplified the process and made it a practicable alternative to hydraulic swaging for amateur and professional riggers.

Important things to remember about Sta-Lok DIY Self-Fit Compression Wire Terminals.

All terminals are supplied with wedges suitable for 1x19 wire unless otherwise specified. For 7x19 or 7x7, use prefix 8 instead of 1 e.g. 833 = Sta-Lok eye For Dyform/Compacted Strand, use prefix D before the 1 e.g. D133 = Sta-Lok eye

The larger diameter thread options on threaded stud terminals are strongly recommended for use with Dyform/Compacted strand wire ropes.

All terminals are suitable for both right-hand lay and left-hand lay wire construction.

All terminals are designed for use with stainless steel wire ropes - using stainless steel terminals with galvanised wire rope will cause galvanic action between the terminal and the wire resulting in rapid failure of the wire.

Sta-Lok Terminals are not suitable for use with wire ropes with fibre cores.

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