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Sta-Lok Stainless Steel Turnbuckles

Jimmy Green Marine stock the Sta-Lok range of stainless steel turnbuckles, manufactured from marine quality certified 316 grade stainless steel.

Jimmy Green Marine can supply the full range of terminal options on Sta-Lok Stainless Steel Closed Body Rigging Screws e.g.

  • Toggle and Swage Stud - Toggle Fork at one end for articulation (typically for attachment to chainplates) - Swage stud at the other end for professional swaging termination to wire
  • Toggle and Blank - Toggle Fork at one end for articulation (typically for attachment to chainplates) - nothing on the other end
  • Fork and Blank - Fork at one end - nothing at the other end

Blank options: The new turnbuckle can be threaded on to an existing stud The new turnbuckle can be purchased with a Sta-Lok DIY compression stud terminal

British Manufacturer Sta-Lok are a British manufacturer with excellent foundations for consistently delivering top quality marine fittings:

  • Strict quality control procedures - ensure total material conformance and traceability.
  • Premium quality stainless steel and bronze alloy selection process - guarantees reliable tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Pro-active research and development - keeps Sta-Lok at the forefront of design and technology.
  • Versatile machining and production facilities - provides rigging solutions from one off designs to full production runs. 

Sta-Lok launched their wire products into the marine market at the London International Boat Show, Earls Court in 1972.

Sta-Lok introduced their new design of Compression Wire Terminal in 1973 with an innovative DIY concept that simplified the process and made it a practicable alternative to hydraulic swaging for amateur and professional riggers.

Important things to remember about Sta-Lok DIY Compression Wire Terminals.

All terminals are supplied with wedges suitable for 1x19 wire unless otherwise specified. For 7x19 or 7x7, use prefix 8 instead of 1 e.g. 833 = Sta-Lok eye For Dyform/Compacted Strand, use prefix D before the 1 e.g. D133 = Sta-Lok eye

The larger diameter thread options on threaded stud terminals are strongly recommended for use with Dyform/Compacted strand wire ropes.

All terminals are suitable for both right-hand lay and left-hand lay wire construction.

All terminals are designed for use with stainless steel wire ropes - using stainless steel terminals with galvanised wire rope will cause galvanic action between the terminal and the wire resulting in rapid failure of the wire.

Sta-Lok Terminals are not suitable for use with wire ropes with fibre cores.

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