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Sta-lok Swage Terminal Fittings

Sta-Lok are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of swage terminals for stainless steel rigging wire.

Sta-Lok swage wire rope terminals are suitable for use with all types of roller swaging machines and available in a wide range of models to suit all wire rigging applications.

Sta-Lok are based in Essex UK.

Sta-Lok products were first introduced at the London International Boat Show in 1972, setting innovative standards in design, quality and performance.

Sta-Lok have developed a worldwide reputation over the intervening years for outstanding quality, reliability and value through commitment to customer requirements and the pursuit of excellence.

All fittings are manufactured to the highest standards from premium quality 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401 and bronze alloys selected for their tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

All swage terminals are machined to close tolerances, to ensure accurate termination.

Sta-Lok fittings are expertly manufactured to the highest standards under strict quality control procedures.

Continuous inspection throughout the process ensures total conformance to tolerances and finish specifications.

Jimmy Green Advisory

Swage Terminals require require specific hydraulic machinery and the requisite operating skills to fit them successfully to wire.

Roller swaging is a professional cold forging process where the wire is inserted in the cylindrical tunnel of the terminal, and the two are compressed (crushed) together using a hydraulic roller press. It is crucial that the wire is inserted into the tunnel to the maximum extent i.e. right to the hilt to ensure the integrity of the process.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team employ the world renowned and respected Wiretechnik Hydraulic Roller Press system for completing wire termination.

Wiretechnik Roller Swaging Wiretechnik Roller Swaging

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Sta-Lok Swage Eye Machined

Sta-Lok Swage Eye (Narrow Style)

Sta-Lok Swage Stud UNF Thread - open body

Sta-Lok Swage Stud Closed Body

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Sta-Lok Strap Toggle Swage

Sta-Lok Eye Toggle Swage

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Sta-Lok T Terminal