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Rope Grips

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips and are a quick and easy method of creating a loop in the end of a wire rope.

The U section of the clip should always sit on the dead end part of the wire

Fold back the required amount of wire rope from the thimble or loop.

N.B. always fit the U section of the clips onto the tail of the wire, not the live part.

Fit the first U grip appropriately adjacent to the dead end, fit the saddle and the nuts, finger tight or nipped up so that the wire is gripped.

Smooth the wire back to the thimble or the beginning of the loop and fit the second grip in the same way as close as possible to the thimble or in the correct position to create the specified size of loop.

If required, fit a third grip in the same way, evenly spaced between the first two.

Tighten the nuts evenly, alternating from one to the other until they are all tightened equally to the required torque.

Wire Rope Grip Fitting Diagram

Wire Rope Grip Plus Factors:

  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Simple to fit
  • Adjustable
  • Re-usable

Jimmy Green Rigging Team Advisory Rope Grips may not be suitable as a permanent solution for load critical applications.

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