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Blue Wave Rope Terminals

Blue Wave Dyneema Rope Terminals are available in AISI316 marine-grade stainless steel and, in the Rope Eye, in lightweight, polished, anodised marine-grade aluminium.

Dyneema® ropes combine the advantages of ultra-high strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch and creep and a high degree of flexibility, making Dyneema a suitable alternative to stainless steel wire for many rigging applications.

Blue Wave has been a world leader in wire and rod rigging end fittings since 1932.

Blue Wave has used this experience to develop a range of end fittings for Dyneema® and Vectran® lines for running and standing rigging.

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal 2Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal on lineBluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal Diagram 1Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal Diagram 2

Dyneema Rope End Fitting Instructions

Simple to fit to existing rigging screws and deck fittings:

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal exploded Parts illustration - 3 parts = Housing - Bone - Eye

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal Housing Slide the housing over the rope

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal Splice the Dyneema line around the bone

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal splice exploded Pull the spliced bone back into the housing - ensure that the splice and bone are seated properly

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Terminal completed Screw the housing and the eye firmly together - the thread can be locked with Loctite

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